Suffolk Chronicle 4th October 1918

“Six Bramford labourers, named William Macdonald Brown, William George Gynn, George William Driver, Ernest Francis, Ernest William Taylor and Sydney Keeble, were charged at Needham Market last week with gaming on the highway.  Keeble did not appear.  Previous convictions were proved against all the defendants, except Keeble, for a similar offence.  Brown, Gynn and Driver were each fined £2, Francis and Taylor £1 each and Keeble 10s.”


William Brown later joined the Navy and served from 1919 to 1923 as a Stoker.  According to his records he was born in Needham Market on 15 July 1900.  No trace of a matching birth has been found nor any location for him in the 1911 Census.
He died in Folkestone on 28 December 1983.

William  Gynn was born 1 November 1900 and lived in Paper Mill Lane with his family in 1911.
He died in 1970

George William Driver
Probably George Driver born 1901 Bramford brother of Harry Driver.  Lived in Paper Mill Lane 1911.

Ernest Francis
Probably Ernest Orlando Francis born in Needham Market [Darmsden].  Worked as a chauffer married in 1926 died in 1977 in Manningtree [Ancestry tree]

Ernest Taylor born 1903 Bramford lived in Paper Mill Lane in 1911.
Died 1966 Gipping RD [Bramford?]
Lived Hildern Whitton Leyer wife Hilda Mary

Sydney Keeble
Sidney Claude Keeble born Bramford 1903 lived Parish Pond in 1911 died 1975 Ipswich RD